Digital Shelter Dental Data Backup Service

Daily Dental Data Backup -- Monthly Test Restore

Studies have shown that, among companies that lose their data in a disaster, 50% never reopen, and 90% are out of business within two years. Digital Shelter is an on-line backup service that automatically transfers your practice management data to secure servers each night without any intervention by your office staff. Digital Shelter’s remote backup technology ensures practices of all sizes that their data is always backed up and is always retrievable. It's data protection no practice should be without.

Digital Shelter online backup system is completely automated. There are no schedules to keep up with and no disks, tapes, CDRs, Zip or Jaz discs to deal with. That's because Digital Shelter remembers your backup schedule and automatically stores your backup data for you.

Data Integrity Validation
Because we believe strongly in the need to validate your backup on a regular basis, Digital Shelter includes a monthly test of your backup files. To ensure the integrity of your data we restore it to a server in our office and run your practice management system on our server, printing out a daily transaction report of the most recent day in the backup set (daysheet). At no time do we access any confidential patient information. We fax the summary page of the report to your office for you to compare with the report from that day, providing you with verification that your backup set can be restored if necessary.

HIPAA-Compliant Security
Digital Shelter meets HIPAA disaster backup and recovery requirements. Before your sensitive practice data leaves your office, it is encrypted with Triple DES, 168-bit encryption to protect it. Your fully encrypted backup file is then transmitted to dual redundant servers located at two different locations across the U.S. For over 20 years, DES has been subject to intense scrutiny, and there are no known algorithmic flaws. Our Triple DES uses a 168 bit key. Mounting a brute force attack on a key this large would require trying 238 nonillion (2.38 X 1032) keys every second for five billion years!

Five Levels Of Protection
1. Automated nightly backup
2. Off-site data storage
3. Triple DES encryption
4. Multiple storage locations
5. Monthly data integrity verification

What would happen if your practice’s file server were to crash right now? What if it were stolen or destroyed by a natural disaster? How would you go about quickly and accurately retrieving your data? If you are not absolutely certain how you would be operational within hours, you owe it to yourself to investigate Digital Shelter.
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What your colleagues are saying:

"We've been using the Digital Shelter online backup service for about 10 months now.  It's automatic operation and no staff or doctor intervention gives me peace of mind that not only I know that the backup set is tested on a regular basis with proof that the data has been successfully restored, but also that since the DigitalShelter technicians monitor the backup results daily (with onscreen notification) there is no need for staff or doctor time to check the backups."
Ron Cavola, DDS
Conyers, GA
"We are extremely pleased with Digital Shelter's Automated Backup Service. This service automatically transfers our dental practice management data to secure servers each night without any intervention by our office staff. Digital Shelter’s remote backup technology ensures that our data is always backed up and is always retrievable. It is an indispensible data protection service for our dental practice."
Sheila Shah, DMD
Macon, GA

"Now that I have Digital Shelter I leave the office knowing that there is not a chance that I will come in to work and find a disaster.  I sleep much better at night.  I especially like getting the backup test results confirming that there is a working daily backup of my files and that there is someone always watching over my backups.  No one on the staff has to take care of that onsite."

Jonathan Dubin, DMD

Atlanta, GA

"We have been using Digital Shelter backup for about a year and have been very satisfied with the service. It is wonderful to not have to remind someone in our office to backup or remember to do it ourselves.  Also, it is nice to know our backup is tested and can be used if needed.  Before we just backed up and hoped it could be used. Yes, the time and peace of mind it saves, is well worth the price. Thank you ExpressPlan!"

Charles Hooper, DDS

Chattanooga, TN


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