Additional Digital Shelter References

"Preservation of my computer office data is critically important to me. In the event of a computer failure or loss, I must know that I can restore all my data reliably and quickly. I am pleased how Digital Shelter gives me a redundant backup that is independent of staff or human error in my office."
Michael L. Howard, DDS
Marietta, GA


"It sets my mind at ease knowing I have the Digital Shelter online service. We have used backup tapes, CD's, etc. but I wasn't comfortable with these. I was very excited when the Digital Shelter was introduced to our office. It has taken the burden from our office staff. Since using Digital Shelter, we have had success with regular testing and the faxed proof that our data has been successfully restored. We leave our office every evening with peace of mind, knowing that someone else is monitoring our backup."
Harold C. Peeples, DDS
Madison, TN


We have a very busy dental practice, and extra time to back up is hard to find. Digital Shelter has given us the security of knowing that even during our most hectic days, our system will be backed up and tested. We have used this modern technology for about a year now and find the service to be reliable as well as a very necessary part of our daily routine.
C. James Goodwin, DDS
Acworth, GA

Advanced Dental Associates, LLC, first recognized the need for the Digital Shelter service almost two years ago. As a very busy multi-provider office preserving our daily computer input was one of the most important issues we had to get a handle on. What happens if we were to lose all files, including all our computer equipment by some tragic fire in the building or an act of God, as we have seen too many time this year happen to other areas of our country? Having this service gives us the peace of mind that if this ever happened to us we would know that we had put in place a way to preserve all of our important patient treatment information as well as our private practice financial information. We could be back up and working with complete patient treatment and financial records as soon as the off site backup is downloaded to us. And, we have the proof it works by receiving a monitored copy of a random check done by the technicians each month. This gives the doctors and myself, as the office manager, the confidence that all is well and protected even when we are not at the office.
Faye Sewell, Office Manager
Advanced Dental Associates, LLC
Cumming, GA